Kids Corner: Glasses for Toddlers, Children and Babies

It is very common for kids, even babies and toddlers, to require glasses in their early years.

1 in 4 children already wear, or will need to wear, glasses to aid their vision by the time they are 5 years old. ##

This may be to strengthen vision in a weaker eye or to make improvements in eye positioning or overall vision.

As well as correcting your child’s vision, glasses will help reduce any headaches or eye pain, stop them from squinting and improve their ability to concentrate on schoolwork.

The first step is to undertake a comprehensive eye exam with a trusted Optometrist. As well as making sure that optimal vision is achieved, the examination will check that your child’s eyes are healthy.

Once their up-to-date prescription is obtained, it’s time to choose glasses for their new look and improved vision.


##Diane Adamczyk, O.D, American Optometric Association (AOA) EBO Committee study on the state of ocular health in young children, 2017.

Kids move extensively when playing, or in sports, and so glasses for toddlers and young children are more demanding than for most adult spectacle-wearers!

Lenses should be safe and unbreakable, frames must be soft and flexible. Temples need to hold the glasses firmly in place, assisted where necessary by bands. Above all, children’s and toddlers’ glasses should be lightweight and comfortable.

It is important for your child to like their first pair of glasses. For this reason, we offer a range of fun, colourful frames that are durable and safe for play. Alternatively, an older child may want a ‘grown up’ style frame, or even want to choose some like an adult or older sibling that they know. We cater for all tastes with several ranges of frames with colours and styles made especially for babies, toddlers and young people.

Children’s glasses use modern materials such as flexible memory metals and acetates that are attractive and durable, providing value for money which is a consideration since your child is constantly growing. Other important factors when choosing glasses for children are:

1. Lenses should be strong, resistant to breaking, lightweight, scratch-resistant and provide UV protection.

2. Frames need to be tough, flexible, well fitted to the face and able to be secured for active times.

3. Hinges need to be very robust, bending without breaking, without the need for constant adjustment.

4. Temples, or arms, should hold the glasses firmly in place, with soft, rounded, flexible ends.

5. Straps and bands can be used to secure the glasses, fitting round the head without adding pressure.

The bridge, or nose piece, must fit properly without pinching or sliding down the child’s nose. Since their noses are still developing, they are less bony than adults’ noses and so kids glasses need a larger contact area at the bridge in order to feel secure and remain in position for proper vision.

The lens size needs to be large enough to provide a good range of vision. We can help with fit adjustments, to make the child’s or toddler’s glasses sit correctly with the pupils in the middle of the lenses.

The overall fit should be comfortable and the frame needs to be the correct size for the child’s face. As a guideline, they should be narrower than the width of the face, sitting lower than the eyebrows, without touching the cheeks on their underside, even when the child smiles.

Children can be self-conscious in their new eyewear, especially at first, so don’t forget to reassure them that they look great! We provide cases and cleaning cloths, so that you can help them learn to keep their new glasses clean and store them safely when not in use.

We offer a full support service with children’s glasses and comprehensive warranties in case of breakage or damage.

For special applications, such as contact sports and swimming, ask about our custom ranges of prescription sports glasses and goggles which provide the necessary extra protection to prevent eye injury.

Come in today to see our great range of modern and stylish children’s frames.