Quality lenses that satisfy your needs & lifestyle

You are unique. And so are your own, personal optical needs. Your daily activities, job, style, prescription, optical history, frame preference and measurements – each one particular to you.

When you visit us, our goal is to provide you with the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and that’s why we prescribe HOYA lenses. All lenses appear to look the same, but there are vast differences between lenses in terms of what and how you see, their durability, as well as how well they do (or don’t) protect the health of your eyes. It’s pure science. You’ll notice and enjoy the HOYA difference.

Kids Lenses

Recent studies reveal that children are replacing outdoor activities with screen time more than ever before. And prolonged screen time has been linked to the onset of myopia (short sightedness). Today, in most cases, myopia is corrected with standard single vision spectacle lenses providing clear and sharp vision. However single vision spectacle lenses do not help to manage myopia by slowing down myopia progression.

That’s why we offer MiYOSMART, a highly innovative, award-winning spectacle lens developed by HOYA for children to slow myopia progression on average by 60%, compared with those children wearing standard single vision lenses.

This ground breaking spectacle lens was developed by HOYA with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and heralds a new era in myopia management.

Young adults & teens

Our eyes are not made for looking at digital screens and you may be looking at screens much more than you think. Spending more than 2 hours per day looking at screens including smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming devices and TVs can take its toll on your eyes - causing digital eye strain symptoms. Symptoms include irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches.

To counter this we offer HOYA Sync III lenses because they have an advanced ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens, allowing you to relax your eye muscles and focus more easily, relieving eye strain and providing more comfortable vision.

Highly personalised progressive lenses

Did you know that progressive lenses that are individually tailored to your needs can improve the quality and comfort of your vision? Just as your eyewear is an expression of your unique style — your lenses can be tailored to fit your unique lifestyle needs.

There’s a world of difference between wearing a highly personalised progressive lens design compared to standard progressive lenses. With personalisation you can enjoy exceptional clarity of vision, less head movement in switching focus between near and far distances and stable vision at all times. Unlike standard progressive lens wearers, you won’t have to worry about experiencing that swim and swaying feeling or seeing large blurred areas. Personalised progressive lens designs are very easy to wear as they’re 100% tailored to your needs.

That’s why we offer Hoyalux ID MySelf, the most premium personalised progressive lens from HOYA, combining pioneering technologies with people-based innovation, and tailored to fit you perfectly. They’re a 100% individualised solution to ensure excellent performance during all activities. Hoyalux ID MySelf progressive lenses help you enjoy the most natural and comfortable vision possible.

We offer a wide range of progressive lens designs from the highly personalised Hoyalux ID MySelf through to lower cost options, to suit every budget.

Sunny days

With the high levels of UV radiation, we have in our part of the world, it’s particularly important for Australians to wear sunglasses that provide optimal UV protection. 

We recommend that you choose sunglasses according to your activity. For instance, activities near water, snow, sand, and other highly reflective surfaces increase UV exposure by reflecting light. HOYA’s Polarised lenses are a ‘must have’ for reducing glare from snow or water. 

Alternatively, it would be beneficial for you to wear wraparound sunglasses while playing sport as they provide a secure fit during fast moving activities

Super convenient, light reactive lenses

Would you like to wear just one pair of glasses when you move between indoors and outdoors? HOYA Sensity lenses are light-reactive, so they’re clear indoors, darken when you step outdoors, then quickly fade back to clear indoors. There’s also the option of Sensity Fast, the fastest changing light adaptive lenses, which fade back to fully clear indoors and reach the half clear state in seconds.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Are you wearing the right lenses for your work? Occupational lenses are specifically designed to provide clearer and more comfortable vision for specific indoor occupations. That’s why we offer Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3, HOYA’s most premium occupational lenses for anybody who struggles with spending long periods of time doing close distance activities such as computer work. WorkStyle 3 lenses can be used for specific activities that demand extra visual attention and are available in 3 designs – Space, Screen and Close. Space provides clear vision up to 6 metres distance. Screen is for up to 2 metres distance range, whilst Close provides clear vision up to 1 metre.